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Hi there!

My name is Alex Tessendorf! I am from Lincoln, Nebraska, and am currently a Senior at Villanova University. I am majoring in Communications, specializing in Advertising and Public Relations, and minoring in Mathematics. I love the endless opportunities of the Communications industry to explore my creative side, but I enjoy the problem-solving skills I gain from math. The combination gives me the unique insight to use both sides of my brain. 

My Story

I am fueled by my passion for learning and creating. I am a "forever student," eager to build on my academic foundations in math and stay in touch with the latest communications and creative strategies through continued coursework and professional development. I strongly value helping others and the community, hence why many of my activities involve using my strengths to give back, such as the Orientation Program at Villanova. I continue to expand my knowledge of leadership and other applicable skills. I plan to work somewhere where I can let my creativity shine while using my values of helping others. Please see my resume page for more about my past experiences. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!


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